How do i get involved?

Rise Chapel's mission is to be actively engaged with our world around us for the cause of Christ.  We are excited about the opportunities that He has given us to reach so many people.  We have volunteering questions/forms, leadership mentoring, and other ways to connect with the church and get plugged into areas that God is using to transform lives for Him.


we want you part of the movement...

Sometimes you know what you want to do - or maybe you don't and want to see where the needs are.  Click the logo and select the ministries that interest you or you want to serve in.

Thank you for jumping in, this is the first step of getting involved at Rise Chapel.  Once you submit your request, one of our ministry leader(s) will get with back with you...


God has given us a great opportunity to serve Him and serve others.  At Rise we know that sometimes volunteering seems like you are signing up for a life sentence - it's not that way here.  Serving is an attitude of the heart first - we want to meet you where you are.  We encourage service form the heart and within reason.  Our scheduling tools and coordinators are dedicated to making sure that each person gets a chance to serve, but also a chance to sit in the main service.

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