Talk To Yourself

Have you ever started talking to someone then their eyes just glaze over? They haven’t heard a word you said and you said great stuff! It was important and powerful! Sometimes what is a blessing to me personally I think is ok to do all the time and I get consumed with myself and my benefts– but that’s not what God saved us unto. God saved us SO THAT we can be unifed with our family in humanity to HIS family in Spirit.

QnA Sunday - November

Today we discuss two topics that are surprisingly related – faith & hearing. Have you ever doubted your own faith? What about the faith of another? How can we reach those that we see are under CLEARLY false teachers or teachings? Then, how can I really know I am hearing God? How do I really know it’s Him and not someone else?

I Need You To Be Different

Have you ever tried to imitate someone? You start out thinking about how they look, act, and respond to life. Then, you start to think, “what would they do?”. But being the same is not what God has called us to do. We are NOT all the same. We do NOT all have the same abilities to live life. But, we all need each other because our strengths work together to make a powerful hell-crushing movement that Christ said is unstoppable. Let’s do this – but frst, I need you to be different.

Ignorance Hurts

How many times has someone shared with you THEIR view of the Holy Spirit? They said the word “tongues” or used a phrase that didn’t make sense. Are there times where you felt completely confused about this “Spirit” and why it’s such a big deal – join the team! We all have the same issue Paul was wanting to help, which is why he starts with, “I don’t want you to be ignorant about spiritual things”

QnA Sunday - October

QnA Sunday time again – this week, it’s one topic,but a heavy one: forgiveness. What in your life are you holding onto because it was so evil, so horrible that you can’t let go? What in your past has shaped you today – but negatively? What “issues” do you have today because of what someone did yesterday? Christ died to free us with His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When we choose to not forgive, this cuts off our God’s love and makes us God...

A Family With Walls

Think of the poorest place you can. Picture the hunger, starvation, desperation, and pain. Now, picture a buffet set in the middle of the throngs of people. But there’s something sick happening – the buffet is being eaten by extremely overweight people and the area is sealed off by glass walls. How could they?! How heartless! This picture is sadly one of the “church” in many places. We feast on truth or fun or ease while the souls of others around us starve and pass away.

My Wants < Your Needs

Our lives are full of options to find pleasure. There are so many good things out there that are legal and fun for us – but does that mean its still a God thing for us? Does it mean that just because I am ok with it – that’s the best for me and my life in the great commission? If God asked you to remove something in your life, what thing would you say no, maybe, or hesitate?

I AM: the best thing ever

Standing in town looking at a far off mountain, it appears beautiful but not very daunting. Stand at the base of it and you may just get back in your car. Why? Because you’re so close to it you see the details of it’s size, strength, and struggles. But what about God? Does he still make you stop and think at how amazing and powerful He is? If not, maybe you’re just not close enough to Him and forget how amazing He really is.

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