Stop Being Such a Baby

Have you ever had someone say, “Oh my gosh, you are so immature!”  Sometimes we feel good because we know we bothered someone – but other times it hurts.  We want to feel like we are advancing in life.  Our spiritual life is themost important focus we should have.  We should all be advancing from the baby stage of wanting everything our way to wanting it God’s way.  Are you mature?

Basic Missionary

To the world and in this case, Corinth, the gosple is so basic.  Today’s culture defnes the word “basic” as “devoid of defning characteristics that might make it interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.” Are we able to remove all the glitter and gold we’ve attached to the gospel and simply teach the truth of God simply?

I love your body

Have you ever gotten into an argument over politics or over a sports team?  You knew you were right.  How?Because you are! They just need to see it.  So you keep arguing, adding more and more facts to prove your point.  Eventually they get quiet, you know you’ve won! lost...them and your dignity.  Unfortunately, the church of Jesus has done this for many years and we have gotten to a point where the world only knows what we are against – and barely anything we are for.

QnA Sunday - January

Our preferences and our views on moral dilemmas will form our decisions.  Just because we believe we have taken the “above and beyond” moral road we may not be right in God’s eyes.  Today we tackle some difficult questions related to sin, marriage (homo/hetero), & parenting.  Very difficult topics but God does have a priority structure for us to consider.

Am I More Like Him Today?

Our life can move fast.  We will one day wake up and wonder if we are really where we are supposed to be, we will wonder if we are all we were meant to be.  What about doing that today? Ask yourself that question.  No matter what the answer is, our God is ready to take us to the next level and make us all He wants us to be.

Solutions complaining about a problem

We all have the person in our life that constantly complains about issues & problems in their life.  We also know that they know about the solutions but just don’t do it.  It drives us crazy to see someone struggling with something that they KNOW they can be free from.  Sadly, the people of God have had that same problem spiritually for thousands of years.  We ARE the solution and we sit back and point fingers at the problem in disgust and disdain.  All the while, we were sent to them to bring the solution...

Running in Water Skis

Have you ever tried to run in water skis?  If you have, you quickly notice that’s NOT what they were made for.  The attempted “running” turns into a controlled crash (and likely a greatFail Video on YouTube).  The fact is, the skis were designed to be used on water.  Ask yourself this – am I using my life how it was designed to be used?  Stumbling in life is evidence of using our lifethe wrong way.

Responding to Grace

descIf you got pulled over for running a stop sign and speeding would your habits change? What if you did the samethings but didn’t get pulled over, does it really count as being wrong?  Is it really sin if you don’t get caught?  Grace comes to us in many ways throughout our life, how we respond to it determines the path of our life and often times it determines our final destination.  How will you respond to grace?iption 

We don't have to get what we deserve

God uses 2 chapters to state what Israel really deserves as a nation. His grace leaks through in chapter 11 and he says to them, “but even though you deserve to not exist because you’ve attached yourself to other, evil gods, I will have sympathy.  Some will respond...and my plan WILL be accomplished”

Exits on the highway to hell

Looking back on our life we see our successes and failures.  Sometimes we can see how we could have been evenmore successful.  Other times, we can see how we could have avoided all the failures when we got on our own highway of life and not His.  Those are “exits” on the highway of life.  They are things that God provides us to return to Him.  When we get on our own road, our God is faithful and provides exits along the way to return to Him.  Which exit will you take?


Acting is an escape.  We can be whoever or whatever we’ve always wanted to be.  We can imagine new worlds, new relationships, new truths and live out those lives.  But it doesn’tchange the reality.  Our outside can get painted, covered, and redone time and time again – but the inside is where the true “me” is.  How is that being cared for?

October - QnA Service

Powerful weekend of QnA, it includes: Why does the bible make such a big deal about a firstborn child? How come we don’t see visions or angels (or miracles) any more today? Why are there so many baptisms listed in the bible?  What’s the deal with “baptism”?

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