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Foundation: REPAIRED

This week we wrapped up our series titled "Foundation Repair" where we studied through Paul's letter to the Colossians.  Where in your life did God work to dig out the junk?  To shore up a weakness you've always had.  Share it with us on the Facebook page or in email (  How did God make your foundation repaired?

What Does Holy Look Like?

Every wondered what "holy" looks like? Suit and tie? Reading the KJV fluently? Praying long? Saying "blessed" or "fellowship" alot? NONE of those define what holy looks like. Today we dig deeper into our foundations as Christians and repair, with practical application, what holy looks like in us.

Take it all off!

If we change jobs, we don’t follow the same rules of our old employer?  If we were working outside and are now going to the movies with our spouse, do we just put on our new clothes over our old ones?  The answer to these is no – we takeoff all the old stuff and put on the new.  And so it is with our new life in Christ.

Band-aids don’t heal broken bones

Can you imagine trying to create a beautiful tropical paradise in your back yard in the middle of Alaska? The palm trees would die, the sea creatures would freeze solid – it just wouldn’t work. What if you broke your arm and the Dr. just gave you a band-aid and sent you home – does that help?  So it is with our life – we have a spiritual problem and no physical solution will fix it.

You’re dead to me

Jesus offers to free us from our slavery, even if we accept it, we constantly try to reattach.  He removed the piles of junk in our path to Him, sadly we always create extra steps on His path. He got rid of the power the spiritual realm had over us but all too often we allow ourselves to get influenced.  Paul encouraged the Colossians to remember – IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS.

Relationship & Allegiance

True Christianity is peculiar.  It’s a life that is marked by service to others and the detriment of ourselves.  On the other hand, it’s end is one that cannot be acquired by effort.  How do we marry these two, seemingly opposed, facts?  In this study today, Paul talks about where we were before Christ, where we are in Christ, & keeping focus while there. 

JESUS: He’s all that

We have all tried to be all things to all people at some time.  How did that work out?  Here’s something to think about: God has NEVER required we be “ALL THAT”.  Jesus came to show us that we can’t, He is & we’re forgiven for trying to be ALL THAT.  He’s always been our everything – will we act like it?

Jesus: THE Foundation

Main Theme of Colossians is that Jesus is the foundation of all wisdom, knowledge and salvation especially as opposed to human philosophies.  The question to ask is this: where in our life's foundation did we build on something that didn't come from our God? Time to break out the jackhammer and break away the junk we built our life on and rebuild on the only, true, Rock.

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