Got a great deal at the market today...

Ever get a great deal? I mean a TOTAL steal.  The person you bought it from had NO idea of the value and basically gave it away.  That’s how God views the deal He gets from giving His life for us.  Do we realize that? Do we really see that God see’s His creation as a priceless treasure?

Faithful to the Faithless

If your lover cheated on your constantly, what would be your response? What if you caught your spouse in the very act of passionate adultery – what would be your response?  Our God has had this very experience – and the response might surprise you...

Go, marry a what?!

This week we start our new series studying the book of Hosea. We are greeted with a very raw and very strange call by Yahweh to Hosea – go and marry a prostitute. This series will deal with three difficult things we ALL struggle with: obedience, love & prostitution.

Priorities: Part 5

As we wrap up our Priorities Series the final priority we discuss falls into the commonly used phrase, “Last but not least”. In fact, often times, it’s the one that we most frequently put at the top of our priorities list because we LOVE to play God with our lives. Join us as we discuss the final priority: The Means.

September - QnA Service

This weekend is just like the other weekends – wild and crazy QnA Weekend!  This time we tackle some more sensitive topics (literally and figuratively).  First, we discuss seeing the face of God – what is that all about? Second, we delve into a simple but important question, “What is the deal with circumcision?”

Priorities: Part 4

WHY children? WHY a WHOLE teaching for people who are a kid or don’t have kids? Let me ask these three questions: 1. How many of you like kids? 2. How many of you have kids or grandkids? 3. How many of you were a kid once? Children are our beginning, our present, and our future.  If we don’t have God’s view of them we miss out on God’s plan.

Priorities: Part 3

Where does marriage fit in the long list of things that the world around us says are important?  What about where it fits with God?  Should our spouse be more important than our job? Our kids? Where does marriage fit on the list of priorities?

August - QnA Service

The August QnA is here!  And so are the GREATquestions.  We tackle, “How strong is God?”, “What is the deal with “Losing our salvation” versus “Once saved, always saved”?, and finally, “How can God keep loving us after all we have done and keep doing?”

Priorities: Part 2

When something is #1 in your life NOTHING else can take it’s place.  Oh they try sometimes – but we will not give up that spot to ANYTHING if we are truly devoted.  So, with that in mind – what is #1 in your life? Comfort? Peace? Power? People? Success?

Priorities: Part 1

Ever looked at a box of candies and struggled with which one to eat first?  You don’t want to get stuck with the gross one that tastes like lotion – how does one prioritize such an important endeavor?!  A far more eternally important priority question in our life is: how does my Creator want me to prioritize things in my life?  Who’s on first?

July - Q&A Service

This month’s Q&A followed the pattern of everyother one – VERY interesting and difficult questions to answer but the answers are life transforming for us all.  The topics are: What to do when life is dry with God & what’s all this about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Is Persecution Really Still Going On?

This is a question that many First-worlders struggle with.  Our news media, pop-culture articles, and narcissism doesn’t allow us to even consider this – but we should.  Our body, our brothers & sisters in Jesus are being brutalized because they are devoted to Him.  How can we help them?

Foundation: REPAIRED

This week we wrapped up our series titled "Foundation Repair" where we studied through Paul's letter to the Colossians.  Where in your life did God work to dig out the junk?  To shore up a weakness you've always had.  Share it with us on the Facebook page or in email (  How did God make your foundation repaired?

What Does Holy Look Like?

Every wondered what "holy" looks like? Suit and tie? Reading the KJV fluently? Praying long? Saying "blessed" or "fellowship" alot? NONE of those define what holy looks like. Today we dig deeper into our foundations as Christians and repair, with practical application, what holy looks like in us.

June - Q&A Service

Q&A Sunday is always special and this week is no exception.  We have: "How do we know that Christianity is the true?", "Are there levels of sin? Meaning, are some worse than others?", "What does, 'Life isn't over until God is done with us' mean?".

Take it all off!

If we change jobs, we don’t follow the same rules of our old employer?  If we were working outside and are now going to the movies with our spouse, do we just put on our new clothes over our old ones?  The answer to these is no – we takeoff all the old stuff and put on the new.  And so it is with our new life in Christ.

Band-aids don’t heal broken bones

Can you imagine trying to create a beautiful tropical paradise in your back yard in the middle of Alaska? The palm trees would die, the sea creatures would freeze solid – it just wouldn’t work. What if you broke your arm and the Dr. just gave you a band-aid and sent you home – does that help?  So it is with our life – we have a spiritual problem and no physical solution will fix it.

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