Say it together, “I am Rise Chapel”

 Have  you  ever  had  trouble  connecting  with  a  person  or  a  group  of  people?    Sometimes  that  comes  from  just  not  getting  along,  but  other  times  it’s  our  own  concerns  or  fears  that  keep  us  from  connecting  &  committing  to  that  group.Today  we  will  wrap  up  “What  is  Rise  Chapel”  and  discuss  WHO  Rise  Chapel  is  and  what  connecting  looks  like.

Rise Chapel = ?

 When  someone  doesn’t  know  why  they  do  something  it’s  easy  to  distract  them  with  other  ideas  or  thoughts.    They  get  led  around  by  emotions  and  feelings  rather than  a  mission  and  vision. Today we talk about the  WHY  of  Rise  Chapel. What are we all about?

What is "church"?

 This  is  Part  1  of  this  break  from  1  Corinthians.    Thefirst  message  is  titled  -  “what  is  church”?  Well,  Church  is  NOT  a  meeting  on  Sunday  but  a  people  on  a  mission  with  eternal  consequences.    Also,  we  must  remember,  that  the  Church  is  made  of  people  but  it’s  built  on  and  held  together  by  Jesus

Don't Seek Joy

 When  we  are  in  the  middle  of  a  messy,  loud,  terrifying  storm,  we  all  will  struggle  with  doubt,  fear,  faith,  and  many  other  emotions.    The  key  to  any  season  of  life  (storm  or  calm)  is  always  in  whom  we  seek  out  for  purpose.    When  we  seek  out  the  wrong  things  or  person  we  will  ALWAYS  be  disappointed.    Is  there  a  place  or  person  we  can  center  our  life  on  that  guarantees  to  NEVER  disappoint?

QnA Sunday - May

  If  you’ve  listened  to  the  teachings  at  Rise  Chapel  for  any  period  of  time,  you’ve  heard  the  phrase,  “the  bible  is  not  written  TO  us  but  FOR  us”    That  statement  forces  the  student  of  the  scriptures  to  seek  out  more  than  just  a  personal,  feel-good  quote  but  to  dig  out  what  is  really  in  the  verses  being  studied.    Today’s  question  prompts  that  method  to  be  discussed.    Want  to  get  more  out  of  your  bible  today?  Check  out  this  QnA  Sunday!

Let’s Talk About Sex

  Sex.    For  too  long  the  church  has  avoided  this  topic  because  of  how  sex  has  been  misused  and  abused.    The  fact  is,  not  talking  about  God’s  design  and  stance  on  sex  is  misuse  and  abuse!  Today  at  Rise  Chapel  –  let’s  talk  about  SEX.

Making #1 great again

  Making  #1  great  again  should  be  our  daily  goal.    Sometimes  we  falsely  try  to  removed  the  concept  of  “looking  out  for  #1”  in  our  lives.    We  can’t!  God  designed  us  this  way  and  the  solution  is  to  make  sure  #1  is  always  Him.    But  how?  What  are  the  repercussions  of  not?  What  drives  our  God  should  drive  us...

Looking Out For #1

  It’s  terrifying  to  think  about  times  when  our  own  country  has  taken  down  one  of  our  own  because  of  misidentifcation.    It’s  no  less  scary  to  think  of  misidentifcation  in  times  of  panic  or  fear.    The  best  way  to  prevent  that  is  to  havea  goal  and  purpose  that  is  beyond  our  own.    Left  to  our  own  devices  we  (humans)  will  always  look  out  for  #1  –  that  won’t  change.    But  we  can  change  who/what  #1  is...

QnA Sunday - April

  This  month’s  QnA  Sunday  is  powerful  –  we  talk  about  a  very  often  confusing  topic  related  to  prayer  &  Jesus.    Then  we  jump  right  into  the  validity  of  other  denominations  and  religions.    An  exciting  time  discussing  some  great  questions!

Don’t Hide From The Dirt – Clean It!

  Springtime  means  it’s  time  to  get  rid  of  the  junk  and  trash  that  has  built  up  or  just  laid  around  during  winter.    In  the  church,  sometimes  junk  builds  up  and  we  just  overlook  it.    But  should  we?    What  about  the  junk  outside  the  church?  How  should  we  deal  with  that?

Heaven Is A Place On Earth?

Just the title may get you singing the song, & it’s something that we all try to seek – whether we know it or not.  We try so often to differentiate ourselves, when Christ has said HE determines our value.  We try so hard to create HIS organization when He said HE would build the church.  Let’s look at why the answer to this title is – no, heaven is not a place on earth.

Only ONE is perfect – it isn’t you

As humans, we often find ourselves with unrealistic expectations of those around us.  If married, we expect our spouse to read our mind.  At work, we expect our co-workers to read the slightest clue and know our meaning.  In church, we too often assume God’s traits on our pastor & brothers & sisters.  The fact is, we’re wrong for this.  Everyone is just like us – imperfect, with crazy expectations that NO ONE will meet.  Who have you expected to be God today but they failed you?

QnA Sunday - February

This week for Q&A Sunday we have two questions that are very common among Christians and among atheists the first one asks why there is evil in this world and the second one is related to how to share with people about the goodness of God - even if we're new to Him. I hope that you're challenged by this and that you see God differently because of what he shows you today.

Baby’s Build Wimpy Buildings

If you were told that a fire was coming – would you pack all that matters to you in a cardboard box or a fire-safe?  Of course a fire safe!  What about our life in heaven?  Are we building things in our life that will last in the fire we pass through?  Or will we stand in a pile of ash at the gates, embarrassed that Jesus didn’t mean enough to us...

Stop Being Such a Baby

Have you ever had someone say, “Oh my gosh, you are so immature!”  Sometimes we feel good because we know we bothered someone – but other times it hurts.  We want to feel like we are advancing in life.  Our spiritual life is themost important focus we should have.  We should all be advancing from the baby stage of wanting everything our way to wanting it God’s way.  Are you mature?

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