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QnA Sunday - November

Today we discuss two topics that are surprisingly related – faith & hearing. Have you ever doubted your own faith? What about the faith of another? How can we reach those that we see are under CLEARLY false teachers or teachings? Then, how can I really know I am hearing God? How do I really know it’s Him and not someone else?

QnA Sunday - October

QnA Sunday time again – this week, it’s one topic,but a heavy one: forgiveness. What in your life are you holding onto because it was so evil, so horrible that you can’t let go? What in your past has shaped you today – but negatively? What “issues” do you have today because of what someone did yesterday? Christ died to free us with His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When we choose to not forgive, this cuts off our God’s love and makes us God...

QnA Sunday - July

 Christianity  has  been  under  attack  since  Jesus  established  it.    Even  His  teachings  of  belief-based  righteousness  were  attacked  –  even  though  He’s  been  teaching  since  time  began.    Often  times  we  seen  historical  movements that  try  to  return  us  to  our  roots  and  get  us  thinking  about  our  past.    While  they  remind  us  of  much,  theirs  a  temptation  to  think  that  our  past  defines  our  future  –  it  doesn’t.    If  we  forget  this  and  get  into  a  lifestyle  that  guilts  us  into  faith  we  get  weary. Today’s  QnA  Sunday  tackles  just  these  2  things  –  law-keeping  & weary  faith.

QnA Sunday - May

  If  you’ve  listened  to  the  teachings  at  Rise  Chapel  for  any  period  of  time,  you’ve  heard  the  phrase,  “the  bible  is  not  written  TO  us  but  FOR  us”    That  statement  forces  the  student  of  the  scriptures  to  seek  out  more  than  just  a  personal,  feel-good  quote  but  to  dig  out  what  is  really  in  the  verses  being  studied.    Today’s  question  prompts  that  method  to  be  discussed.    Want  to  get  more  out  of  your  bible  today?  Check  out  this  QnA  Sunday!

QnA Sunday - April

  This  month’s  QnA  Sunday  is  powerful  –  we  talk  about  a  very  often  confusing  topic  related  to  prayer  &  Jesus.    Then  we  jump  right  into  the  validity  of  other  denominations  and  religions.    An  exciting  time  discussing  some  great  questions!

QnA Sunday - February

This week for Q&A Sunday we have two questions that are very common among Christians and among atheists the first one asks why there is evil in this world and the second one is related to how to share with people about the goodness of God - even if we're new to Him. I hope that you're challenged by this and that you see God differently because of what he shows you today.

QnA Sunday - January

Our preferences and our views on moral dilemmas will form our decisions.  Just because we believe we have taken the “above and beyond” moral road we may not be right in God’s eyes.  Today we tackle some difficult questions related to sin, marriage (homo/hetero), & parenting.  Very difficult topics but God does have a priority structure for us to consider.

September - QnA Service

This weekend is just like the other weekends – wild and crazy QnA Weekend!  This time we tackle some more sensitive topics (literally and figuratively).  First, we discuss seeing the face of God – what is that all about? Second, we delve into a simple but important question, “What is the deal with circumcision?”

August - QnA Service

The August QnA is here!  And so are the GREATquestions.  We tackle, “How strong is God?”, “What is the deal with “Losing our salvation” versus “Once saved, always saved”?, and finally, “How can God keep loving us after all we have done and keep doing?”

July - Q&A Service

This month’s Q&A followed the pattern of everyother one – VERY interesting and difficult questions to answer but the answers are life transforming for us all.  The topics are: What to do when life is dry with God & what’s all this about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

June - Q&A Service

Q&A Sunday is always special and this week is no exception.  We have: "How do we know that Christianity is the true?", "Are there levels of sin? Meaning, are some worse than others?", "What does, 'Life isn't over until God is done with us' mean?".

May - Q&A Service

QnA Sunday – The May Edition. On the list are some great questions & topics: Prayer for the sick, Communion, & Forgiveness.  QnA Sunday has become a huge blessing to many and I challenge all of us to pray about who we will invite to these special days.

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