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How to Play Church

So much to cover & so little time. 1 Corinthians has been as if we were reading the history books of the American church – yet it was not us. Humans have a tendency to take what God has made and use it incorrectly. Today we take a quick blast through 1 Corinthians and hit some key points from our study the last few months.

What's Your Motivator?

What motivates you? What makes you want to get up in the morning? What drives you to go out and experience all the day has for you? Sometimes we would answer that as “nothing”. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t motivated – it means we have different motivations. Today we talk about wrong motivators – we’re all motivated, it’s what motivates us that will change the world or have us withering into nothingness.

Talk To Yourself

Have you ever started talking to someone then their eyes just glaze over? They haven’t heard a word you said and you said great stuff! It was important and powerful! Sometimes what is a blessing to me personally I think is ok to do all the time and I get consumed with myself and my benefts– but that’s not what God saved us unto. God saved us SO THAT we can be unifed with our family in humanity to HIS family in Spirit.

QnA Sunday - October

QnA Sunday time again – this week, it’s one topic,but a heavy one: forgiveness. What in your life are you holding onto because it was so evil, so horrible that you can’t let go? What in your past has shaped you today – but negatively? What “issues” do you have today because of what someone did yesterday? Christ died to free us with His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When we choose to not forgive, this cuts off our God’s love and makes us God...

The cost of our "rights"

 “It’s  my  right!  I’ll  do  what  I  want  to!”  We  all  understand  those  statements,  we  have  even  said  them.    But  what  does  that  really  cost?    Are  we  willing  to  lose  a  friend  over  them?  Are  we  willing  to  taint  the  gospel  because  of  them?  We  wouldn’t  say  yes  but  we  do  with  our  actions.    This  isn’t  new  and  today  we  study  in  1  Corinthians  how  the  rights  of  some  were  putting  the  souls  of  others  in  danger.

Don't Seek Joy

 When  we  are  in  the  middle  of  a  messy,  loud,  terrifying  storm,  we  all  will  struggle  with  doubt,  fear,  faith,  and  many  other  emotions.    The  key  to  any  season  of  life  (storm  or  calm)  is  always  in  whom  we  seek  out  for  purpose.    When  we  seek  out  the  wrong  things  or  person  we  will  ALWAYS  be  disappointed.    Is  there  a  place  or  person  we  can  center  our  life  on  that  guarantees  to  NEVER  disappoint?

Looking Out For #1

  It’s  terrifying  to  think  about  times  when  our  own  country  has  taken  down  one  of  our  own  because  of  misidentifcation.    It’s  no  less  scary  to  think  of  misidentifcation  in  times  of  panic  or  fear.    The  best  way  to  prevent  that  is  to  havea  goal  and  purpose  that  is  beyond  our  own.    Left  to  our  own  devices  we  (humans)  will  always  look  out  for  #1  –  that  won’t  change.    But  we  can  change  who/what  #1  is...

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