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I Need You To Be Different

Have you ever tried to imitate someone? You start out thinking about how they look, act, and respond to life. Then, you start to think, “what would they do?”. But being the same is not what God has called us to do. We are NOT all the same. We do NOT all have the same abilities to live life. But, we all need each other because our strengths work together to make a powerful hell-crushing movement that Christ said is unstoppable. Let’s do this – but frst, I need you to be different.

QnA Sunday - January

Our preferences and our views on moral dilemmas will form our decisions.  Just because we believe we have taken the “above and beyond” moral road we may not be right in God’s eyes.  Today we tackle some difficult questions related to sin, marriage (homo/hetero), & parenting.  Very difficult topics but God does have a priority structure for us to consider.

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