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How to Play Church

So much to cover & so little time. 1 Corinthians has been as if we were reading the history books of the American church – yet it was not us. Humans have a tendency to take what God has made and use it incorrectly. Today we take a quick blast through 1 Corinthians and hit some key points from our study the last few months.

QnA Sunday - May

  If  you’ve  listened  to  the  teachings  at  Rise  Chapel  for  any  period  of  time,  you’ve  heard  the  phrase,  “the  bible  is  not  written  TO  us  but  FOR  us”    That  statement  forces  the  student  of  the  scriptures  to  seek  out  more  than  just  a  personal,  feel-good  quote  but  to  dig  out  what  is  really  in  the  verses  being  studied.    Today’s  question  prompts  that  method  to  be  discussed.    Want  to  get  more  out  of  your  bible  today?  Check  out  this  QnA  Sunday!

Baby’s Build Wimpy Buildings

If you were told that a fire was coming – would you pack all that matters to you in a cardboard box or a fire-safe?  Of course a fire safe!  What about our life in heaven?  Are we building things in our life that will last in the fire we pass through?  Or will we stand in a pile of ash at the gates, embarrassed that Jesus didn’t mean enough to us...

Stop Being Such a Baby

Have you ever had someone say, “Oh my gosh, you are so immature!”  Sometimes we feel good because we know we bothered someone – but other times it hurts.  We want to feel like we are advancing in life.  Our spiritual life is themost important focus we should have.  We should all be advancing from the baby stage of wanting everything our way to wanting it God’s way.  Are you mature?

Basic Missionary

To the world and in this case, Corinth, the gosple is so basic.  Today’s culture defnes the word “basic” as “devoid of defning characteristics that might make it interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.” Are we able to remove all the glitter and gold we’ve attached to the gospel and simply teach the truth of God simply?

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