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Herding Cats

Trying to get a group of people with differing ideas, passions, gifts, weaknesses and opinions to go in the same direction is DIFFICULT. The world has a simple way to describe it – it’s like herding cats. When it comes to the church & gathering together, sometimes we don’t take this advice seriously. The church isn’t a place for our pet projects or ideas to be worked out – the church is a place to serve others & in so doing, glorify God.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth?

Just the title may get you singing the song, & it’s something that we all try to seek – whether we know it or not.  We try so often to differentiate ourselves, when Christ has said HE determines our value.  We try so hard to create HIS organization when He said HE would build the church.  Let’s look at why the answer to this title is – no, heaven is not a place on earth.

Only ONE is perfect – it isn’t you

As humans, we often find ourselves with unrealistic expectations of those around us.  If married, we expect our spouse to read our mind.  At work, we expect our co-workers to read the slightest clue and know our meaning.  In church, we too often assume God’s traits on our pastor & brothers & sisters.  The fact is, we’re wrong for this.  Everyone is just like us – imperfect, with crazy expectations that NO ONE will meet.  Who have you expected to be God today but they failed you?

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