I Need You To Be Different

Have you ever tried to imitate someone? You start out thinking about how they look, act, and respond to life. Then, you start to think, “what would they do?”. But being the same is not what God has called us to do. We are NOT all the same. We do NOT all have the same abilities to live life. But, we all need each other because our strengths work together to make a powerful hell-crushing movement that Christ said is unstoppable. Let’s do this – but frst, I need you to be different.

Ignorance Hurts

How many times has someone shared with you THEIR view of the Holy Spirit? They said the word “tongues” or used a phrase that didn’t make sense. Are there times where you felt completely confused about this “Spirit” and why it’s such a big deal – join the team! We all have the same issue Paul was wanting to help, which is why he starts with, “I don’t want you to be ignorant about spiritual things”

QnA Sunday - October

QnA Sunday time again – this week, it’s one topic,but a heavy one: forgiveness. What in your life are you holding onto because it was so evil, so horrible that you can’t let go? What in your past has shaped you today – but negatively? What “issues” do you have today because of what someone did yesterday? Christ died to free us with His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. When we choose to not forgive, this cuts off our God’s love and makes us God...

A Family With Walls

Think of the poorest place you can. Picture the hunger, starvation, desperation, and pain. Now, picture a buffet set in the middle of the throngs of people. But there’s something sick happening – the buffet is being eaten by extremely overweight people and the area is sealed off by glass walls. How could they?! How heartless! This picture is sadly one of the “church” in many places. We feast on truth or fun or ease while the souls of others around us starve and pass away.

My Wants < Your Needs

Our lives are full of options to find pleasure. There are so many good things out there that are legal and fun for us – but does that mean its still a God thing for us? Does it mean that just because I am ok with it – that’s the best for me and my life in the great commission? If God asked you to remove something in your life, what thing would you say no, maybe, or hesitate?

I AM: the best thing ever

Standing in town looking at a far off mountain, it appears beautiful but not very daunting. Stand at the base of it and you may just get back in your car. Why? Because you’re so close to it you see the details of it’s size, strength, and struggles. But what about God? Does he still make you stop and think at how amazing and powerful He is? If not, maybe you’re just not close enough to Him and forget how amazing He really is.

The cost of our "rights"

 “It’s  my  right!  I’ll  do  what  I  want  to!”  We  all  understand  those  statements,  we  have  even  said  them.    But  what  does  that  really  cost?    Are  we  willing  to  lose  a  friend  over  them?  Are  we  willing  to  taint  the  gospel  because  of  them?  We  wouldn’t  say  yes  but  we  do  with  our  actions.    This  isn’t  new  and  today  we  study  in  1  Corinthians  how  the  rights  of  some  were  putting  the  souls  of  others  in  danger.

Sexual Misconduct

While  we  often  see  the  world  abuse  sex  -  sadly,  inthe  name  of  "holiness"  the  church  has  abused  sex  also.  Today's  teaching  is  titled,  "Sexual  Misconduct"  and  we  will  wale  through  God's  view  of  sex  and  what  place  it  should  taee  in  our  lives  as  people  of  faith.

QnA Sunday - July

 Christianity  has  been  under  attack  since  Jesus  established  it.    Even  His  teachings  of  belief-based  righteousness  were  attacked  –  even  though  He’s  been  teaching  since  time  began.    Often  times  we  seen  historical  movements that  try  to  return  us  to  our  roots  and  get  us  thinking  about  our  past.    While  they  remind  us  of  much,  theirs  a  temptation  to  think  that  our  past  defines  our  future  –  it  doesn’t.    If  we  forget  this  and  get  into  a  lifestyle  that  guilts  us  into  faith  we  get  weary. Today’s  QnA  Sunday  tackles  just  these  2  things  –  law-keeping  & weary  faith.

Say it together, “I am Rise Chapel”

 Have  you  ever  had  trouble  connecting  with  a  person  or  a  group  of  people?    Sometimes  that  comes  from  just  not  getting  along,  but  other  times  it’s  our  own  concerns  or  fears  that  keep  us  from  connecting  &  committing  to  that  group.Today  we  will  wrap  up  “What  is  Rise  Chapel”  and  discuss  WHO  Rise  Chapel  is  and  what  connecting  looks  like.

Rise Chapel = ?

 When  someone  doesn’t  know  why  they  do  something  it’s  easy  to  distract  them  with  other  ideas  or  thoughts.    They  get  led  around  by  emotions  and  feelings  rather than  a  mission  and  vision. Today we talk about the  WHY  of  Rise  Chapel. What are we all about?

What is "church"?

 This  is  Part  1  of  this  break  from  1  Corinthians.    Thefirst  message  is  titled  -  “what  is  church”?  Well,  Church  is  NOT  a  meeting  on  Sunday  but  a  people  on  a  mission  with  eternal  consequences.    Also,  we  must  remember,  that  the  Church  is  made  of  people  but  it’s  built  on  and  held  together  by  Jesus

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