what should i expect at rise?

The heart of Rise Chapel is to see the truth go out to all people - and actually like doing it!  Rise is a group of genuine and real people that are NOT focused on a brand of truth or an exclusive truth - but a truth that frees and transforms!  Our basis for truth is God's scriptures - the Bible.  Our heart is to REACH with the truth of scripture, GROW by the truth of scripture, and SEND out the truth of scripture.

Real, true Christianity is NOT about how good we are - it's about our devotion to God and how much He is working in our lives.  

main service

Rise Chapel on Sundays start at 10:45am with a powerful and relevant time of praise and worship followed by a teaching and study of scripture verse-by-verse.

The goal of Rise on Sunday is to not just check a box for Sunday but to affect our whole life for the week with the power of Jesus.

Children's Service

Our children are precious to us and an investment from God.  We take the security and teaching of our kids serious at Rise.  Sunday morning starts with a secure check-in process and moves right into our kids enjoying an exciting and interactive time singing praises.  The teaching time is filled with applications of God's truth in sciprutre and ends with an activity to drive the point home and help the kids leave thinking about what Jesus means to them.

We read and study the Bible for transformation - not information. If we don’t apply what we learn it’s like complaining about chapped lips with chapstick in our pocket.
— Pastor Joe Schoolfield
At Rise our children are not the future of the church - THEY ARE THE CHURCH!
— riseKIDS Ministry

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